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Pushing learning & development to the next level

Our services are underpinned by an understanding of the individual, their psychology, their positive traits and their limiting beliefs.

We work with individuals and teams to create a shift in their beliefs and attitudes towards their role in your business or organisation. This allows us to deliver rapid, radical and positive change, with delegates feeling committed, empowered and confident in their role in your business.

We deliver our training courses, coaching and consultancy services globally and customise each programme according to your business’s specific goals, culture and objectives. We work in partnership with you to help you succeed.

Why delegates love our courses

Delegates always comment that our courses are engaging, motivational and most importantly based on tried and tested real world application NOT text book theory.

Our programmes stand out because they are highly interactive - we want people to apply the knowledge on the course itself, to experiment and adapt any new insights in a safe environment, to see if it would work within their industry or company. We design simulations with them to test our methods out before it is applied in their ‘live’ environment.

This gives them the satisfaction and confidence to apply the learning and pro-actively come up with new ideas that will help them and their organisations to deliver the best to their clients and stakeholders.

How Can We Empower Your Business?

Training Courses

Our training, coaching and consulting services have the power to transform your business’s efficiency and profitability, injecting new passion, vision and a sense of purpose into you and your teams

Executive Coaching

Our executive coaching services will help you work on key leadership and management challenges to fulfil your true potential and spearhead growth in your business.

Business Consulting

We'll work with you to resolve top level issues that will enable your organisation or business to be more effective, scalable and profitable

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Training Solutions Like No Other

  • A Person Centric Approach
  • We'll take the time to discover the untapped potential of each member of your team tease out their unique talents and skills and build their confidence on our programmes by relating their new found skills to the role that they play in your business.

  • Creating Star Performers In Your Team
  • By combining strategic and management insight with techniques from neuroscience and behavioural psychology, we identify and shift people's limiting beliefs, empowering them to become passionate about what they can deliver for your company, delivering radical change in your business.

  • We shun text book theory
  • We share stories and engaging real world examples that help your team learn and apply the knowledge that we impart to their roles within your business. In essence, they will learn the best tried and tested strategies that other organisations and people have benefited from and then start applying these for themselves.

  • Solutions Relevant To YOUR Business
  • We help you to create and design innovative ideas and solutions that are relevant and specific to your business, to give you a competitive edge. We will also get you to realise what we call the “leverage points of success” –the small changes that you can make that will give you the largest difference.

  • Committed to your ongoing success
  • We'll provide ongoing support and guidance even after the course or coaching is complete, because we're committed to your ongoing success.

The Arivu Impact

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“I would definitely recommend Arivu”

“Being as interactive as he is, people would have found it very difficult to get distracted because he was constantly requesting their attention...

If somebody was to turn round to me and say "we're looking for someone who can improve our productivity", they are certainly someone who I would consider speaking to my contacts about.”

Paul Bhogal, Maxmius IT

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“Based on our experiences”

“I've been at companies where they have done a lot of training courses where everybody sort of rolls their eyes and they're not that fulfilling... It's more "tick a box to say you've done that training"

I feel that this was based on our experiences, asked us questions about what we were and what we needed, rather than a straight built out presentation”

Chloe Barnes, Orient Capital

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“He got the audience to engage

“I actually thought it was really refreshing; it was light, it was great that he got the audience to engage and interact. It was thought provoking, and in fact it was fantastic because people were actually discussing real issues and coming out with solutions, which is always a great thing

I would thoroughly recommend speaking to Kush, I think you would be pleasantly surprised”

Naheed Afza, Contracts IT

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