Our coaching and mentoring services will help you to:

  • Clarify your strategic vision for your company or business
  • Fine tune and develop your business strategy skills.
  • Make the right personal and organisational decisions.
  • Focus on developing your interpersonal skills and personal impact
  • Find contacts and networks to assist with furthering your career or business aspirations.
  • Coach and mentor others in your organisation and adopt a coaching culture to promote proactive thinking and more cohesion within teams.
Arivu Coaching

Executive Coaching & Mentoring

The ideal coaching solution for CEOs, MD's, Senior Partners, Emerging Leaders & CEOs and Executive Teams. If you’re in a high profile executive role, we can nurture your skills, insight and vision to make you a potential ‘captain of your industry’ and a high profile business leaders.

Our coaching will improve your decision making and leadership skills so that you can get the very best out of your teams and align their activities with your strategic goals.

We combine our entrepreneurial, strategic and commercial acumen with real world experience and insight in order to achieve outstanding results for you. Each coaching session will tackle real challenges that you are facing and strategies and specific actions you need to take to surmount them.

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"I wanted to improve my leadership skills, trying to motivate more and allow the team to take more responsibility for their roles and look up to the firm as a family. I thought the coaching was excellent. Their coaching is very dynamic and straight to the point and I really enjoyed it.”.

Patricia Caro-Alvarez, Palamon Capital Partners
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Business Coaching & Mentoring

Running a business can be a highly rewarding and enriching experience yet for most business leaders it is their “First time” and learning by doing can become demotivating and expensive both in time and financial terms.

Our business coaching and mentoring services are provided by coaches who have run their own businesses for decades and how have a first-hand appreciation of your challenges. We will provide you with positive proactive mentoring that prioritises your specific needs to be fast-tracked so that you get success.

We will help guide you towards making sound business decisions, help you to understand yourself and become more satisfied and fulfilled than ever before.

Our business coaches will help you unblock barriers to growth to ensure that running your business and growing it is an energising and fulfilling experience.

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I think one of the things that stood out about Arivu is that they have a lot of experience, they have a lot of real life examples which always enhances the theory, which is fundamental in making coaching relevant. I would definitely recommend Arivu. I'll be looking to do more coaching with them and send my team onto a programme, where they can learn and gain the experience and knowledge that I have.”.

Oz Kemal, Agile-1
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Personal Performance & Career Coaching

Whether job role you have, coaching is a powerful tool that can help you to make changes in your personal effectiveness, performance and look forward to exciting career.

It can unblock mental barriers, eliminate limiting beliefs and also help you get the most out of the people you work with.

We will work with a wide range of focus areas including communication style, personal branding, self-belief, efficiency and effectiveness, time management, managing difficult people and conflict, understanding conflict, future goal setting and strategic planning.

Our coaches will always have your best interests and give you the support, skills and motivation to conquer your challenges and fulfill your true potential.

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The coaching has given me greater confidence in going back to my team with new techniques that I can try out with them and with myself. I'd thoroughly recommend Arivu, they get to the point, they don't beat around the bush, they're funny and engaging.”.

Sam Johnson, Dreams Beds

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