Arivu offers insightful, pragmatic and empowering strategy consulting services for start-up businesses or for established companies that are looking to grow strategically or have entrenched challenges that are shackling growth and expansion of the company. We’d prefer to chat about and understand your needs, challenges and your business context in order to design a bespoke consulting solution for you, however examples of how we can help are detailed below.

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Business Strategy

All organisations need to continually assess and evaluate their growth plans and align their activities with a strategic blue print that allows them to innovate, increase market share and attract and retain the best talent.

A holistic and well thought out business strategy informs every aspect of a business's operations from recruitment to pricing models, business development, mergers and acquisitions. Our business strategy consulting services will facilitate creative and innovative thinking and guide you in making the strategic decisions that will spearhead greater success within your company.<

Strategising a company to succeed needs to be specific and well planned. We will partner alongside you to create ideas and foster engagement; using dynamic tools and techniques so that a robust strategy drives the organisation. We will facilitate group sessions that encourage creative thinking, constructive debates and positive decision-making so that you can get a buy-in from your people who are involved in the change process and help you map operations to reflect a change in business strategy.

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“Arivu have helped us to drive a business-critical change programme to get ahead of the game and win market share rapidly. Their experience is wide ranging and they have been an invaluable resource on so many fronts.”

Ian Anderson, Finance Director
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arivu consulting

Business Process Improvement

Shouldn’t every business continually strive for excellence, innovative, intelligent ways of working and greater efficiency?

We help our clients to improve the fundamental processes and systems in their business that can critically impact strategic decision making, team synergies and empowerment. We can advise on how changes to business processes can best be implemented and managed to ensure that any transition in implementing new business processes is a smooth one that has minimal impact on their daily business functions.

Additionally, streamlined processes can provide employees with more clarity and control over their work, increasing motivation and productivity and ultimately profitability.

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“Arivu have provided us with an excellent consulting solution that has ensured us achieving our full potential. Since we have been working with Arivu, our business has benefited from clearly defined goals and we have grown exponentially. ”

Peter Francis, Media & Marketing Manager
Discover how our consulting can help you & your business, call us on 087 123 76 767 or request a call back
arivu consulting

Business Growth – Improving Sales, Profits and Cashflow

Increasing sales, profits and market share and acquiring key client accounts is an ongoing concern for every ambitious business. Arivu will provide you with strategic expertise and advice on how to increase your sales and profits and manage cash flow within the business.

Our lead consultants are qualified accountants who have experience of managing and running profitable enterprises, our experienced consultants can give you the sound advice and methodologies that you need to grow a successful business.

We can focus on helping you increase sales, altering your USP, changing your pricing model, increasing revenue from up-sell opportunities in place and understanding your target market better. Alternatively we can advise on an optimised cash flow stream for the business to reduce overhead expenditure.

We will help you to understand which of your products or services generates the most profit, how to create recurring profit streams within your business and what you can do to minimise costs and run a leaner enterprise, so that you have more cash to reinvest in and grow your business.

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“Arivu's consulting services have been a godsend for our business. From their board meeting facilitation and advice, we now have a highly motivated team that have developed their skills to maximise staff satisfaction, customer value and profitable growth for all of our stakeholders. I am delighted to recommend them to any business serious about achieving high digit growth. ”

Simon Fletcher, Regional Manager
Discover how our consulting can help you & your business, call us on 087 123 76 767 or request a call back

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