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The best marketing ambassadors for our services are our clients themselves. Please find below video testimonials from a selection of our clients across a wide spectrum of industries and business positions, and hear in their own words why Arivu's coaching, consulting and training services stand out from the rest.

Sam Johnson

Senior Customer Services Manager,
Dreams Beds

I needed help with challenges around running a new department and dealing with a lot more people. We looked at a few training companies but Arivu really seemed to offer something a bit different. I've been on a few training courses but this one was enjoyable and fun. The interaction was great and the trainers just seemed to have an anecdote for every situation and challenge, and they really engage with you to make the training bespoke and really stick.

The training has given me greater confidence in going back to my team with new techniques that I can try out with them and with myself. I'd thoroughly recommend Arivu, they get to the point, they don't beat around the bush, they're funny and engaging.

Oz Kemal

Country Director,

The course helped me achieve my goals by identifying the personalities involved in various different role types in my company and also distinguishing what I had to do to understand and motivate those people. There's a lot of new practices that I've learnt which I can take back to the organisation and actually implement and use them.

I think one of the things that stood out about Arivu is that they have a lot of experience, they have a lot of real life examples which always enhances the theory, which is fundamental in bringing the courses to life. I would definitely recommend Arivu. I'll be looking to do other courses with them and send my team onto a programme, where they can learn and gain the experience and knowledge that I have.

Patricia Caro-Alvarez

Palamon Capital Partners

I wanted to improve my leadership skills, trying to motivate more and allow the team to take more responsibility for their roles and look up to the firm as a family. I thought the training was excellent. We were only a small group of six people - everybody interacted together very well to support each other during the training and learned quite a bit from each other as well as the Arivu team. As trainers they come across very dynamic and straight to the point and I really enjoyed it.

I certainly will recommend Arivu and am very keen to find out more about other courses,

Chloe Barnes

Head of sales,
Orient Capital

The Arivu team ensured that everyone in our group got to know each other and that during the course we worked together as a team sharing experiences and helping to solve each others challenges.

I've been on many training courses in the past that weren't that fulfilling and I felt that this kind of training which was based on our experiences and asking us what we wanted to achieve rather than being fed a a pre-built presentation. I felt very comfortable during the course, it was very interactive but without some of the embarrassing aspects that other courses have and I would have no hesitation in recommending Arivu.

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