Our training courses focus on leadership, managerial effectiveness, project and systems management and entrepreneurship to drive positive change in your business



Our executive coaching services will help you work on key leadership and management challenges to fulfil your true potential and spearhead growth in your business.



We'll work with you to resolve top level issues that will enable your organisation or business to be more effective, scalable and profitable


Some Of Our Esteemed Clients

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Arivu Arivu Arivu

Practical, Dynamic & Impactful Wisdom to Empower You & Your Team

We work with individuals and teams to create a shift in their beliefs and attitudes towards their role in a business or organisation. This allows us to deliver rapid, radical and positive change, with team members feeling committed, empowered and confident in their role in your business.

We deliver our training courses, coaching and consultancy services globally and customise each programme according to your business’s specific goals, culture and objectives. We work in partnership with you to help you succeed.

Delegates always comment that our courses are engaging, motivational and most importantly based on tried and tested real world application NOT text book theory.

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We discover the untapped potential of each person we work with, teasing out unique talents and skills and building confidence on our programmes.

By combining strategic and management insight with techniques from neuroscience and behavioural psychology, we identify and shift people's limiting beliefs, empowering them to become passionate about what they can deliver for your company.

We share stories and engaging real world examples that help people apply the knowledge we impart to their roles within your business.

We help to create and design innovative ideas and solutions that are relevant and specific to your business, to give you a competitive edge.

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    Leadership & Management

    Whether you are a newly appointed manager, team leader, senior executive or board member, we will equip you with the insights and skills needed to successfully inspire, motivate and empower the teams that you lead.

    For those who are new to management or need to refine their management skills,.

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    Team Development

    Team management and drawing out synergies within teams are paramount in order to achieve the goals and objectives of the organisation. Leading and managing challenging people and behaviours within teams can be exhausting and very time consuming as you could be doing the things that truly need your attention.

    Picking the right team members is also very important and we need to have diverse team skillsets that complement each other in order to be a strong asset rather than a weak liability.

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    Coaching & Mentoring

    Coaching and mentoring are some of the most powerful ways of enhancing performance. A good coach and mentor leads highly productive teams who are keen to learn new skills and achieve outstanding performance. It produces significant results and creates a super-efficient organisation.

    All of our courses are highly engaging and interactive and you will be practising the skills that you learn during the course as well as after the course has finished.

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    Finance & Budgeting

    Understanding finance and financial statements, even if you are a non-finance person, is imperative in understanding how to manage your money and other precious resources of an organisation. A lot of people do not budget correctly and it’s usually common practice to just look at last year’s budget and add 10%! If this sounds familiar, then you’re not alone as so many department heads and managers do the same thing. If you can manage your finances properly, then you will know how to grow your business and make more profit, and above all, manage cash flows which are the life blood of your business.

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The Arivu Impact

how our clients have benefited

I wanted to improve my leadership skills, trying to motivate more and allow the team to take more responsibility for their roles and look up to the firm as a family. I thought the training was excellent. We were only a small group of six people - everybody interacted together very well to support each other during the training and learned quite a bit from each other. As trainers they come across as very dynamic and straight to the point and I really enjoyed it.’

Eileen Roddy, Palamon Capital Partners

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